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Each time we start with a new client, one of our partners dedicates themselves to overseeing the implementation of the anesthesia group and work with clinical staff to optimize or efficiency. Whether it's offering your patients anesthesia for office surgeries, or developing different service lines to maximize hospital revenue- we are fully invested.


We offer a variety of anesthesia services that comply with accreditation and regulation. At the end of the day, we are compassionate medical professionals, which means we care for patients, not numbers.  That's why compassion, integrity, and excellence are underlying principles our group upholds.

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Our highly skilled team creates high-performing anesthesia departments that make safe care, better outcomes, enhanced patient experiences.

As a trusted partner within the Central Valley, there are certain things you can expect from us.

  • Clinical excellence through evidence-based patient safety protocols

  • Perioperative medicine

  • Collaborative contract management

  • Experienced executives supporting clinical and administrative operations

  • Continuous performance assessment and adjustment

  • Ongoing professional development


Ambulatory Surgical Centers

Where Efficiency Meets Quality

We provide reliable, skillful, and comprehensive anesthesia for smooth and efficient outpatient surgeries. Our individualized anesthesia management is flexible, scaling up or down to accommodate the needs of the customer.
Our survey and compliance readiness keeps our facilities running smoothly and we also stay on top of the market developments and changes in payer trends that will impact clinical and fiscal performance.


Labor and Delivery

This is a very special time for you and your family and we are privileged to be part of this amazing life event. CCAS is a group of highly experienced clinicians dedicated to providing an individualized anesthetic to safely deliver your baby. Every woman’s labor and level of pain is unique and many factors contribute to the level of pain relief you might require. Our anesthesia team will start with assessing your overall health and preferences to provide the best labor pain relief options for you.

Below are all the different types of anesthetics we may offer you:

  • Regional Anesthesia/Epidural Blocks – This technique tends to be the most common and effective method of pain relief during labor. Epidurals provide pain relief without total loss of feeling or muscle movement and you remain awake and alert. This requires placement of a soft catheter in your back to inject the numbing medication with onset in about 10-20 minutes. It provides a continuous infusion of medication for pain relief throughout your labor. 

  • Spinal Block – This is another form of regional analgesia and entails a single injection in the lower back that provides relief almost instantly and lasts approximately 1-2 hours. Spinal blocks are often used for C-sections.

  • General Anesthesia – General anesthetics provide complete unconsciousness. You will not be awake or feel pain. This technique is used when regional anesthesia is not possible such as in the event of an emergency C-section or when a regional block is contraindicated for medical reasons.

  • Local Anesthesia – Local anesthesia provides numbness or loss of sensation in a small area where the medication is directly injected. This is used by the obstetrician for pain relief if stitches are needed after the birth of your baby.


Pain Services

We Understand the Need for Adequate Pain Management

Clients often approach Central California Anesthesiology Solutions with a general request for methods to decrease pain after surgery, major back injuries, and chronic pain syndromes. We are here to provide you the best type of analgesia with the use of multimodal approaches and a balanced technique to really help the company grow. 

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